Phantasy Star Universe Anime Clan


Hello, This is Rena Akachi since are leader Shana is currently unable to join us at meetings she has put me in charge of D3SU on her behalf as the Head Captain; I will try my hardest to re-establish this clan back to its former glory on PSU.. Any one out there that was apart of this clan you are welcome to rejoin message me first and I'll run you through are new recruiting system and give you back your old rank if you held one that was higher then a member. I can not do this alone I need all the help ... Nerine is still with us thankfully and will still be the Captain of squad one for I and Shana know she is the most qualified to hold that position and can fully trust her with the huge responsibility that holds.. Me and Nerine will be working together on this effort to restore the clan after many of the high ranking members had to tend to problems in Real life, myself included in that.. -Head Captain Akachi.

  Next Saturday will be are first meeting after issues I encourage people to recruit this week for Saturdays meeting on Neudais Shitenkaku uni 3.. Let me know if u can't make the meeting thanks.

To New Member's


This is to all new members that are joining this clan, I am Rena Akachi the Clan's Administrator I am in charge of this website and all so your key to getting information out to the higher ups think of me as your aid; I am here to help you as best as I can... But anyways, Everyone that is in clan is required to join this site unless you do not have internet access, when you join Please use your player's name for your membership name on here for example.... On PSU my character that is linked to clan is Rena Akachi so that will be my name on this site as-well this is so people know who is who on here and helps me out when adding privileges to your account.. Also fill out all the information in your profile so we can get to know you better, as well as post your introduction in the "Introduce yourself" thread in the forums !!! Also make sure you read are clan's RULES!This site is updated every Wednesday or Thursday, and every time after meetings so cheack on here often for updates, or meeting recaps if you where absent or just forgot... An  And make sure you read are clan ruly Questions message my profile and I will try to reply to you as soon as I can... Thanks - Rena Akachi

WelCOME To D3SU!         

 D3SU is an Xbox Live Gaming clan whose hub is on Phantasy Star Universe (PSU for short).

We are strictly an anime and gaming related group.

Our meeting place is on Neudaiz in Universe 3 and our Clan leader is the one and only Shana.

 If you interested in joining us message her or any other member of the clan and we will be happy to help you through the steps of joining. I ask you to look at our Roster to find the squad that fits what you would like to do inside of our clan. On a side note, some squads will ask you to show them your skills--like running a mission alone-- to be able to join their ranks. 



Also read and know are rules first before asking to join, any violation of said rules can end up in being booted from the clan without question..


So feel free to check out ore site and get a feel for our clan!!

                Your friendly Site Admin- Rena Akachi