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CLAN RULES              

 See The Clan Rules and Regulations Thread in the Forums here.

----New (Ususally Temporary) Rules----

7. As of January 15, 2011: No one is allowed in any other clan besides D3SU. If you are in another clan either leave them or us and notify both ASAP. If you would like to stay in both talk to Shana and she will decide if you can or can't. This new rule is due to the trolls and thieves of the BlackRose Clan.                 

8. As of March 15, 2012: Anyone whom wishes to join the clan D3SU need to be put through a servery on accountability to attend meetings and follow the rules set forth by Shana, These potential members after passing must be also have the support of at least two Captains; as in they approve of them joining to be-able to join the clan. This is to insure that the players who join can be considered reliable to attendance. These stricter joining regulations are to aid in weeding out any who would join and not take the clan seriously. (This is a Temporary Rule)

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